About Us

Nadia Amiri, Lecturer of Carpet Types | Handicraft specialist

Getting started

Since the beginning of the year 85, I started learning curtain and carpet weaving and started knitting workshop in the year 88. In addition to training trainees, I started to produce and sell my products.

Crafts, represent the culture of a country

Handicrafts in every country are a symbol of culture and its identity, and in Iran handicrafts with a rich and powerful background have been striking for many years and the eyes of buyers and friends of Iranian noble arts. Carpet, carpet and carpet weaving is the only corner of Iran’s handicrafts, which at any given time has been a great place for the cultivation of outstanding artists and lasting works.

Helping the economy of families

The Glim and Gabbe handicrafts are a native activity and help families and earn money as they relocate the country from oil-dependent economies and, in addition, their value and price will not be reduced over time.

Applying different techniques